Friday, December 11, 2015

#1-Our Readings


                   A reading from this semester that was the most powerful to me was "A House On Mango Street" because it was very real to me. It, the book, dealt with big issues such as racial segregation growing up,poverty,thievery, wanting to belong,teenage pregnancies, immigrants, and rape. This book made an impression on me because the people in the book, Esperanza and the community, felt very similar to the people in my life, poverty is very apparent in parts of Tulare.We have many Mexican immigrants here trying to be successful in life.Our county is the largest teen pregnancy county in all of California.I just a few years ago went through adolescence like Esperanza and was searching for belonging. I also have a big family with a mother who wants us to do very good in our education. The book "A House On Mango Street" just seemed so real and similar to all the things around me, it shocked me to see them all written in a famous book. "You will always be Mango Street. You can't erase who you are. You can't forget who you are"(The House On Mango Street, 105). this quote impacted me because at first I didn't realize what the women were trying to say to Esperanza, but then I understood that they were trying to tell her to speak about, to remember about, what happened in her life, her family's lives, her neighbor's lives, and her friend's lives. I struggled a little bit with this reading because she, the author, wrote in such a way that at times I didn't truly understand what was going on, such as when Esperanza and her friend were at the fair. I overcame my struggle by asking my classmates about what was happening and concentrating on looking deeper into the reading as in progressed in the book. After reading this work of Sandra Cisneros, I learned that it is important to speak up and address the things you experience and see in life because of the simple fact that they, the problems in life, need to be known. when you speak up about the experiences and problems they can be addressed, and it also helps others who have gone through they same things know that they are not alone. 

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