Friday, December 11, 2015

#2-Our Writing

  The writing assignments that were most beneficial for me was when we would do "cone of silence" and time ourselves. These assignments were useful to me because I tend to write too much and for too long. I know that when I take the AP test I will have to write out what I want to get across in a minuscule amount of time, so it's good for me to practice this now( I LOVE the "cone of silence", it is very helpful to me!!!). I believe that my writing improved because of all the analyzing we did in class, vocabulary we learned, and all of the Cornell notes we did on how to write better essays, although I don't usually do my RPs, which I feel very guilty about, those helped me as well. I learned to use better vocabulary and focus on what I was trying to say in the essay, also, learning about ethos, pathos, logos, satire, etc. helped me write in such a way that my readers would pay attention. The weaknesses that still remain would be my struggle to write an essay in forty minutes, as previously stated, I have a problem with writing more than I need to in order to say what I am trying to say. Another issue i still face would be that I am so used to the basic five paragraph format because it has been pounded into me since fourth grade, so it has been very difficult for me to stray from writing that way, and when I am timed, that's the only one that comes to mind.  

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  1. Good insight and excellent goals for next semester. :)

    (Make sure you closely proofread ... I see an "i" up there ...)