Friday, December 11, 2015

#3-Rhetorical Precis

   Looking back on the RPs I did this semester, I learned many important factors that build a successful writer, such as learning how to completely summarize a passage in only four sentences, as well as trying to fit as much as you can in a single sentence with it being correct. I struggled to follow through with completing every single RP each week due to the fact that I was not responsible. I have no excuses, knowing that there was one due each week, but I always forgot to due it on thursday night after a cross country race, or during a rally set up, which I know will affect my grade and I feel terrible about. I semi-overcame those struggles by setting an alarm on my phone after school, so when thursday came around I knew I had an RP to do. I think RPs can help you grow as a thinker, writer, and reader because as a thinker, you have to understand what the point the author is trying to get across and what tone she/he is using. As a writer, you have to know how to form correct long sentences and create a full and complete summary in just four sentences. Additionally, you need to follow a correct format every time. RPs help you grow as a reader because you need to analyze the article, and access which information adds to the point the author is making and access which information needs to be addressed in summarizing the article. My goals for RPs next semester is to have every RP completed correctly! I have the format down I just haven't been competing them due to the horrible habit I have created, but next semester is a new leaf and I intend to break my habit and complete all the RPs assigned to me if it's the last thing I do! Sorry if that was a tad dramatic haha!

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