Friday, December 11, 2015

#4-Higlight of My Junior Year So Far

           The highlight of my year so far consisted of when I ran my best against Union with a time of 20:26 for three miles, not to mention everyone else on my team earned a personal record as well. Our races against union were always a big deal, but the most recent will always be the most important one in my heart. I am very close to all the seniors on the team, we all met on saturdays and did long runs together, and I was a captain with a few of them for two years, I have always looked up to them as role models. On the day of the union race we all realized that we only had really two races left with each other, which was really sad but in a good way because it made us want to run our hardest and best for each other. Our coach, Joran Perry, even bought us all a rose and a note of encouragement individualized for each one of us. That being said, it was already a very special and important day before we even started the race. At the start of the race there was absolute silence before the gun went off, there was no nervousness, instead the air was bursting with anticipation, we were all so ready to run that if the coach didn't shoot the gun at the time that he did we would have all exploded of readiness like fireworks. As the gun shot off, we all ran forward quickly with confidence. I was supposed to stay with their third girl, as I was Tulare Western's third girl, and I stayed next to her through the first mile, but in the second mile i realized I wasn't going as hard as I could, so I sped up. As the distance grew between us, I kept thinking i heard footsteps, like someone was following me, like she was catching up. All through the second mile i kept running faster, and faster, and faster, so fast that i went into a place where I couldn't hear my pain anymore, the desire to beat her and to beat my last time was all i heard. I sprinted the last 800, then looked back after i crossed the finish line. She was in the last mile, a full minute behind me. I was indescribably happy when i realized this and heard my time, it was the highlight of my year.

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