Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Problem Solving, California drought style.

I have an issue with where California's money is going. Our governor plans on making a train system that goes up and down all of California, which will be very efficient, and make traveling  across the golden state very easy. This train system would be a great idea if one of California's biggest exports wasn't choking and crumbling to dust, agriculture. Since the drought, water has been extremely sparse in the valley, where most, if not almost all, of the agriculture is grown. Farmers have been digging deeper and deeper wells, and getting nothing. Californians could have used a canal that they've used previously for water, but the San Franciscans decided to take that canal and make it a habitat for an apparently endangered species of fish that seems to be way more important than growing agriculture so America, and other parts of the world can be fed. 
My point is here, is that as a Californian, I know we need water, especially in the valley. I also know that we have money to spend, because the governors plan for a new train system isn't cheap. I propose we take that money for the train system and use it to build new canals coming from the ocean. This idea sounds crazy considering the the ocean water is salt water, but we could build a small facility that is at the beginning of the canal that separates the salt from the water. The facility would freeze the salt water, which it would actually only freeze the water, and push out all the salt. I know this because a chemistry and physics science teacher, my father, told me that icebergs in the ocean actually are fresh water, because when you freeze salt water, the salt gets separated form the water due to the fact that it is much harder to freeze salt than water, so the salt is pushed away, making fresh water. California could do this, we could fix our water problems, we just have to prioritize and get things done.